We will do this by taking you through our five-stage proven process. 

STAGE ONE Transforming Business Increasing Profits 

During Stage One, we work with you to: 
Develop a clear picture of where you want to take your business during the next few years. 
Create a simple growth strategy capable of turning your vision into reality. 
Highlight key milestones that you will need to achieve on your journey. 
Involve other key people in your business during your growth planning process at an early stage in order to maximize buy-in. 

Successful businesses know where they are going and how they are going to get there! 

STAGE TWO Know Your Numbers 

It is a fact that many businesses we see don’t truly understand their numbers. 
During Stage Two, we will work with you to: 
Identify your key numbers 
Agree targets and milestones 
Create management accounts that will enable you to manage your business in a proactive way 
Review your financial performance on a regular basis and take action accordingly 

Successful businesses know their numbers; as a consequence, they are far more profitable, resilient to change, prepare better for the future and ultimately create more value for owners, shareholders and staff. 

STAGE THREE Create and Convert Opportunities 

If you are planning to grow your business, you will need to maximize sales from existing clients as well as attract new clients who are interested in your products and services. 
During Stage Three, we will work with you to: 
Realise the potential for increased sales from your existing clients – ‘friends’ 
Develop new and innovative ways of attracting new clients - ‘strangers’ 
Create and implement your sales and marketing plans in a sustainable way 
Monitor your progress and develop insight into what activities are providing your best return on investment (ROI) 

Successful businesses know how to retain existing clients as well as attract new clients who are profitable to deal with. 

STAGE FOUR Improve Performance 

Without exception, every growing business experiences challenges with people. People leave, people underperform, people have external issues and sometimes, people exceed our expectations. 
During Stage Four, we will work with you to: 
Implement a unique system of monitoring, discussing and managing performance in a fair and transparent way 
Define or redefine your values and introduce ideas that will enable you to communicate your culture in an easy and effective way, both internally and externally 
Create robust recruitment processes and proven methods of retaining talented people 
Deal with people issues as and when they arise, not putting them off until later 

Successful businesses know how to communicate with their people in order to improve performance for mutual benefit. 

STAGE FIVE Ongoing Support 

Once we have helped you to create a clear picture of your future, know your numbers, create and convert opportunities and improve the performance of your people, most of our clients retain our services on an ongoing basis. 
We refer to this as Stage Five and during this time we will continue to work with you to: 
Maintain the momentum we will have already created to ensure that we turn your growth plans into reality 
Provide continued access to an experienced business person who has ‘been there and done that’ and who you can talk to at any time in absolute confidence 
Work as a sounding board for new ideas, challenges and opportunities 
Become someone who can challenge your thinking without fear or favour 

Our aim is to become a long-term trusted advisor who will help your business to go from strength-to-strength. 

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