Without John by our side we may well have taken some wrong turns 

We have been working with John for over five years now and I can honestly say we would not be where we are without him. John is a great sounding board and he has really drilled into us the benefit of gathering data about our business to back up our gut feelings. He works across various sectors and brings to the table the knowledge shared over his career to offer advice and guidance. 
During the Covid-19 pandemic John has come into his own as many businesses went into crisis mode. He advises you to hope for the best yet plan for the worst and without him by our side we may well have taken some wrong turns. 
I would highly recommend John to any business owner looking to grow. 
Malcolm Davidson, Managing Director, UK Moneyman Ltd 

Our cash balance has been protected and we continue to operate in the black 

John has been working with us for about three years. He has increased our turnover by over 40% and he has doubled our profit by helping us manage the business on a range of fronts. 
As soon as the Covid-19 crisis hit, he has been at our side. He identified four key things we needed to do to protect the business. We were able to reduce our staff and overhead costs by stepping back to a four day week and using furlough effectively. Our cash balance has been protected and we continue to operate in the black. 
John introduced us to his re-start programme and in response we are looking at our systems and how we can be more effective to improve customer satisfaction to strengthen our position. Whilst it has been hard work it has also been fun. John has a good sense of humour and there continue to be many laughs as we adjust to changed circumstances. 
Jonathan Jenkin, Managing Director - Planning and Design Practice Ltd. 

John has helped me to make the easy and tough decisions 

I have worked with John for approaching five years and his ‘outside looking in’ help has always been invaluable. Since March, his ability to talk in a calm and considered manner has assisted me with guiding my business and helped me to make the easy and tough decisions. His use of simple tools such as cash flow models and one-page strategy forms has meant that my plans in the short and medium term have not become over complicated to give me a clear vision for the future. 
James Carpenter, Director, BB Mortgages 

John's skills in putting things into perspective are invaluable to me 

John has a rare and precious gift. He has an instinctive understanding of the forces that shape and define businesses, and has the ability to see the structure of a business, with its strengths and faults. He is able to define strategy, and show and explain how it differs from tactics in business, and as importantly how the two mesh together. 
I see John as an ally of my business - a critical friend when needed, as well as an informed shoulder to lean on. His cool, clear thinking and his skill in putting things into perspective are invaluable to me in helping me steer my company in a positive direction. 
Paul Pinder, Chairman, Boards Direct 
His experience of our sector helped us to crystalize our thoughts and quickly implement a robust scale-up strategy. 
Fast-growing annuity company 

As a direct result of the work we’ve done with John Hassall, sales have increased significantly over the past 12 months and are set to do so again this year.  Group of children’s day nurseries engaging in performance without compromising care 

John has brought enormous clarity to our company, turning a ‘sole trader’ structure into a sustainable, growth driven business. 
Entrepreneurial health and safety firm 
Together we have created a highly bespoke growth plan for the next few years. 
Medium-sized law firm wanting to gain clients and enhance profitability 
We really value having someone to talk to who has experienced the highs and lows of running an SME business. 
Estate and lettings agents wanting to expand 

John brings a different set of knowledge and skills to our business that adds considerable value to our Board.  Accountancy firm increasing its management bandwidth 

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