Would you like some extra clarity, focus and confidence to transform your business? 

Do you want to get some structure and successful strategies into your business to boost sales and take it to the next level? 
Business coaching with JRH will give you the tools and strategies to grow your business, get clear on your financials, boost sales and carry this momentum forward for long-term success. 

We will do this by taking you through our proven process. 

STAGE ONE First Meeting 

We start by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities you are dealing with right now. 
This meeting usually takes three hours during which we identify: 
Strengths you want to build on 
Weaknesses you want to eradicate 
Opportunities you want to seize 
Threats you need to be aware of 

Now we have assessed your current position we are ready to get started on the creation of your new growth strategy. 

STAGE ONE Second Meeting 

We focus on creating a compelling vision that once agreed will provide a powerful sense of purpose and direction for your business. 
This meeting usually takes between three to four hours and our agenda focuses on the following: 
Creating your vision for the next three years 
Identifying your key growth ambitions 
Setting out your key measures of success 

Successful businesses have a shared vision, unified teams and as a consequence produce better results. 

STAGE ONE Third Meeting 

Can you image watching a game of football without goal posts? You wouldn’t know if your team had won, lost or drawn. Yet many businesses do just that. 
This meeting usually takes between three and four hours during which we create a one-page picture of your future growth strategy. This picture will encompass the following: 
A simple growth strategy that shows how you will turn your vision into reality 
The key milestones that you will need to achieve on your journey 
It also can be used to Involve other key people in your business at an early stage in order to maximise buy-in 

Successful businesses know where they are going and how they are going to get there. 

STAGE ONE Fourth Meeting 

Now the practical work starts. 
This meeting usually takes three hours during which we will create a framework for the achievement of your growth ambitions. This framework consists of the following: 
Your key objectives for the next 12 months 
Breaking these objectives down into a manageable quarterly action plan 
Increasing individual accountability for the achievement of your objectives 
Identifying your key numbers and putting a robust review process in place 

Successful businesses monitor, discuss and manage the performance of their people. 

STAGE TWO Ongoing Support 

Once we have helped you to create a clear picture of your future, set out your new growth strategy and put the system in place to track your performance, most of our clients retain our services on an ongoing basis. 
We refer to this as Stage Two and during this time we will continue to work with you to: 
Maintain the momentum we will have already created to ensure that we turn your growth plans into reality 
Provide continued access to an experienced business person who has ‘been there and done that’ and who you can talk to at any time in absolute confidence 
Work as a sounding board for new ideas, challenges and opportunities 
Become someone who can challenge your thinking without fear or favour 

Our aim is to become a long-term trusted advisor who will help your business to go from strength-to-strength. 

 To explore business coaching with JRH, book a free consultation now.  t: 07778 333984 | e: john@jrh3.co.uk  

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