In times of great uncertainty, the ability to communicate brilliantly takes on an increased level of importance. Think of Winston Churchill and his famous “We shall never surrender” speech delivered on the 4th June 1940 after the Dunkirk evacuation. In this speech, Churchill had to describe a great military disaster, and warn of a possible invasion attempt, without casting doubt on eventual victory. 
While you may never become renowned for your oratory as business owners/leaders, communicating transparently and to the very best of your ability with staff, clients, potential clients and suppliers has never been more critical to your future success. 
I am fortunate to work with a wide range of businesses of all shapes and sizes and in interacting daily with these business owners and their leadership teams, I see how in the midst of this crisis they are striving to communicate in the best way they can. This is often whilst dealing with incredible pressures themselves. 
These conversations have prompted me to offer you my top ten tips for communicating brilliantly throughout the next few months and they are summarised here: 
1. Communicating too much is far better than communicating too little. 
2. Call all of your staff (both furloughed and working) once a week and ask how they are getting along. A phone call from the business owner or a member of the leadership team will mean a huge amount at this time. 
3. Be clear and concise in all of your dealings – what you say really matters. 
4. And then follow through on what you have said you are going to do – avoid the temptation to over-promise even with the best of intentions. 
5. Tell people what they can expect of you and communicate what you expect of them throughout this crisis. 
6. Listen more than you speak – people want to be heard and understood. 
7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – it’s a sign of strength not weakness. 
8. Figure out how your business can help your existing clients to overcome their current difficulties and reach out to them with offers of assistance. 
9. If you can see an opportunity to help any potential clients overcome some of their challenges, then it’s ok to go ahead and offer your services. 
10. Have some fun – in the face of adversity we need to laugh and smile together. 
In these unprecedented times, I know that as business owners and leaders you are dealing with immense challenges. Nevertheless, I urge you to do everything you can to communicate brilliantly. As I have said in previous blogs, your efforts to reach out will be remembered well into the future. 
Please get in touch if you want any help or support. 
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